Smoking Addiction Recovery Guide

Smoking Addiction Recovery Guide

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The Best Way to Quit Smoking – What Might Work Best For YouFeatured

mainFinding the best way to quit smoking can often be a very difficult choice. There are many important and personal factors to consider before selecting any single method. The most important choice you can make is actually to stop smoking; this must be a declaration to yourself, an unwavering conscious decision. When you stop smoking it is like saying goodbye to an old friend, someone who has been there for you through good times and bad, it is not a decision to be made lightly. If the decision to quit is made lightly your chances of success are extremely limited, especially when the first big cravings hit.

Once you have made the conscious decision to quit smoking the next important step is to select the best way to quit smoking for yourself. There are many options available to the would-be quitter today including everything from hypnosis to laser treatments and patches to pills. The best method that will work for you may be very different then what will work for somebody else. It is important in this critical time to really evaluate what you think will work best for you. Take a look at the different methods available, talk to your doctor, evaluate the costs and your budget (do not forget to include any savings from not buying cigarettes), choose a program and stick with it!

Please visit our Quit Smoking Methods website for additional informative articles about the best way to stop smoking.

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Quit Smoking Now to Improve Your Health and Your Life

d5145d7ff747407683088427e815d02eSmokers are becoming an endangered species as the reasons to quit smoking out number the reasons to start. The number one reason to Quit Smoking Now is health related issues. Smokers not only put themselves at risk but their families as well when they are exposed to second-hand smoke. Studies show that children of smokers are more likely to have respiratory problems than those of non-smokers. Even people who are long time smokers will see an improvement in their health after they quit smoking. Tar deposited in the lungs begins to clear, lung capacity increases, smoker’s cough dissipates, and they have more energy.

Another good reason to quit is the ban of smoking in public places enacted by many states. Better to quit than stand outside in inclement weather to get a few puffs of a cigarette. Also, smoking is not as socially acceptable as it once was. A lot of people consider it to be a nasty habit. Some unpleasant smoking effects are the smell that clings to clothing, hair, the home, car, and breath of a smoker. Women who smoke tend to wrinkle prematurely, have dry, brittle hair, yellow fingernails, and a grayish cast to their skin.

There are other benefits of quitting smoking that pertain to financial issues. Smokers pay higher rates for life insurance than non-smokers. They cost employers more money than non-smokers because they take more sick days due to smoking related illnesses. If none of these reasons is motivation enough to Quit Smoking Now, the high cost of a pack of cigarettes should do it.

If a smoker decides they are ready to kick the habit, what is the best way to do it? There are lots of ways to stop smoking and many products to help the smoker reach their goal of being smoke-free. Using the nicotine patch, nicotine gum, and prescription drugs is easier than going cold turkey, but the best method to Quit Smoking Now is hypnosis. Smoking cessation aids are fine, but they can take weeks to help the smoker quit completely. Hypnosis gets faster results.

To understand hypnosis, we need to look into the workings of the human mind. Initially, smoking is not a pleasurable experience, but the subconscious mind tricks the person into thinking it is for various reasons. Maybe because all their friends are doing it, to give an impression of being grown-up, or they think it is cool. Once smokers rationalize enough, they begin to believe they really do like to smoke. While under hypnosis, positive suggestions are given to the subconscious to help create new patterns of behavior and make the smoker stop craving cigarettes.

If a smoker is serious about wanting to Quit Smoking Now, hypnosis is the best choice. It doesn’t involve drugs or other aids to help wean them from cigarettes, but hypnosis does get fast and lasting results. Qualified hypnotherapists can be found online and in the Yellow Pages and are ready to help smokers break this habit before it ruins their health and their lives.

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Tips For Quitting Smoking From the Experts

quitsmoking-300x300There are many ways that smokers can quit smoking and never go back, but first one must commit to quitting. A firm commitment is the key to success. There are a few easy steps that can help you quit for good. These tips are approved and even recommended by doctors and medical professionals. There are many natural methods for quitting that do not involve willpower alone or dangerous pharmaceuticals. One of these methods is called neuro-linguistic-programming. This new method may work for you.

It is said that the first three days of quitting are the most difficult and as a former smoker I can agree with that. It helps to stay bust and drink plenty of water. Avoiding caffeine or other unnecessary chemicals can help as well. Three days of feeling a little off and fighting cravings is more than worth it for all of the health benefits that will be gained through quitting smoking. You can quit and stay off cigarettes for good.

There are many great reasons to start quitting today. Quitting can reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke and can also reduce your risk of cancer and breathing problems like COPD. Just minutes after your last cigarette you are already getting healthier. Quitting immediately pays off! Just getting through that first three days is the key.

It is important to have support while quitting smoking. There may be hard times when dealing with cravings because cravings can be both physical and mental. Having someone to talk to and give support is an integral part of quitting and staying off cigarettes. Find someone you can trust and ask them to be your support during the process.

New methods like nuero-linguistic programming can help with getting through the initial phase of quitting without the discomfort most people face. This can be the first step in being healthier, smelling better, and avoiding standing outside in the cold and the rain and snow just to have a smoke. Quitting is the first step toward a better life. You can quit today. Do your research and find the method right for you. Start a better life today.

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